Canlon supplies  engineered products in Canada
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Manufacturers' Representatives & Distributors for Industry

Since 1981, Canlon has specialized in providing engineered products and support in the Energy, Industrial, Mechanical and Plant Utility fields. Our products and systems are proven performers that supply solutions for a wide variety of conditions.

Because we represent a select group of Companies, it allows us to establish a strong working relationship while also building product and application knowledge to best serve our Canadian customers.

Our Manufacturers are quality and performance driven firms prepared to adapt existing products or to develop new ones for your unique applications.
Van Air Systems
  • Compressed Air Dryers & Filtration
  • Desiccants - Activated Alumina
  • Desiccants - Deliquescent Absorbent

Apex Engineering Products Corporation
  • Rydlyme Biodegradable Descaler
  • Rydall Biodegradable Degreaser
  • Rydall WO Water Optimiser & OE Odor Eliminator
Van Gas Technologies
  • Natural Gas Dehydration & Filtration
  • Desiccants - Deliquescent Absorbent
The Young Industries
  • Bulk Material Handling Systems

The VMC Group - Korfund Dynamics
  • Vibration Isolation & Seismic Restraint
Manchester Tank
  • Pressure Vessels, Air Receivers & Custom Tanks
Lutz Pumps
  • Drum & Container Pumps, Flow Meters, Eccentric Screw Pumps
Great Lakes Filters
  • Food Grade Flex and Dura Socks
  • Industrial Filtration Products