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Lutz is an internationally successful company providing innovative and quality liquid handling products. Their pumps and pump systems are constructed for safety and reliability and whether you are looking for individual products, a complete set or a customized unit, Lutz will provide an expert and economical solution.
Drum & Container Pumps
  • Constructed to assure safety and economy for the transfer of neutral, aggressive and flammable liquids from different-sized containers
  • Top quality equipment for pumping aqueous and light viscous liquids in mobile or stationary use
  • Drum pumps; Container pumps &: Drum pump sets
  • Laboratory pumps
  • Pumps for complete drum drainage
  • Pumps for mixing and pumping
Drum and Container Pumps
Flow Meters
  • Precise detection of liquid delivery in mobile and stationary operation
  • Broad range of applications - chemical, pharmaceutical, food, industrial and more
  • Innovative and technologically designed for ease of use to make processes simpler and more efficient
Flow Meters
Eccentric Screw Pumps
  • Optimal pumping of thin-bodied to highly viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian media
  • Suitable for abrasive media and media containing solids
  • Suitable for neutral, aggressive and easily combustible liquids under high pumping pressure
Eccentric Screw Pumps
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