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Van Air Logo Van Air Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of products for the treatment of compressed air and gas. Having served tens of thousands of customers for more than six decades in virtually every industry, they are uniquely prepared to deliver the world's finest solutions for cool, clean, and dry compressed air and gas.

Single Tower Deliquescent
  • Protects against freeze-ups in the winter and liquid in the summer
  • Deliquescent desiccant absorbs moisture as it slowly dissolves
  • Epoxy internal dryer coating for long vessel life
  • Can be installed inside or outside
  • No moving parts or electrical components
  • For steel mills, saw mills, lumber yards, ready-mix concrete plants, asphalt plants, cement production and mining
Single Tower Dryers

Portable Blast Pack System
  • Single tower deliquescent drying package with conveniently integrated peripherals pre-assembled and welded to a forklift skid
  • Ideal solution for mobile blasting contractors
  • For mobile abrasive blasting
  • For mobile paint spraying
  • For rail yards
  • For equipment rental fleets
Portable ST Dyers

Heatless Regenerative Dryers
  • Wide selection of models engineered for a long service life and superior dew point performance
  • Patented Interlock Logic valve sequencing
  • Dew points from -40°F to -100°F
  • Portable and explosion proof models
  • Protection of sensitive pneumatically operated equipment and processes
  • Installations where -40°F pressure dew point is required
Regenerative Dryers

Portable Prep 40 System
  • HL series heatless regenerative dryer package conveniently mounted on a forklift skid package
  • Includes HL series dryer, aftercooler, moisture separator and pre/after filters
  • Ideal for meeting air quality standards in pipeline hydrostatic testing, pigging and dehydration operations
  • Designed for the rugged demands of the equipment rental industry
Prep 40

Compressed Air & Gas Filters
& Elements
  • Coalescing and particulate filters are designed to remove contaminants from compressed air and gas systems
  • Ten (10) filtration grades to remove oil aerosols, oil vapours, condensed water and particulates
  • In line cast aluminum and welded standard series housings to 250 psig
Filters & Elements

Air Cooled After-Coolers
  • Reduces the temperature of the compressed air, causing a substantial amount of the entrained moisture to condense
  • Significantly reduces the water load that would be placed on the compressed air dryer
  • Horizontal or vertical flow directions
  • Galvanized steel cabinet with open vented motor
  • Flexible hoses, separators and auto drains for each model
  • Freeze protection kits available for outdoor installations
Air Cooled After-Coolers

Automatic Drain Valves
  • Solenoid electric drains with integral strainer, adjustable open and close cycles
  • Heavy duty motorized drain valves with adjustable draining cycles
  • Zero loss pneumatic operated drain valves suited for portable or remote locations
  • Applications for all models include compressed air dryers & filters, receiver tanks, separators, cooling towers, process tanks and drop legs
Auto Drain Valves
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