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VMC Logo The VMC Group is comprised of four leading global brands that together represent the state-of-the-art in shock vibration, seismic and noise control. Together, they have supplied innovative vibration isolation products and solutions to the Industrial, Vehicle, Military and Aerospace markets for over 65 years.

Spring Mounts
  • Vibration and instability can shorten the life of any equipment as well as cause unsuitable noise disturbances. The VMC Group's spring-based products are designed to diminish these factors
  • VMC offer a broad range of spring isolation mountings and hangers that will limit the transmission of vibration, impact and noise over a variety of applications - from engine gensets and small fans to heavy duty HVAC equipment and industrial machinery.
Spring Mounts

Seismic Products &
Certification Services
  • The VMC Group manufactures a wide variety of seismic mounts and restraints that will control the motion of equipment, piping and ductwork during a seismic event
  • Seismic mounts and restraints are designed to provide the strength and isolation necessary to maximize motion during a seismic event
  • VMC engineering services division became the first organization to receive independent recognition as a "Certified Seismic Qualification Agency" and provides in-house Certification for manufacturers of HVAC, power generation and fire protection systems.
Seismic Mounts

Elastomeric Mounts
  • The VMC Group offers an extensive range of elastomeric isolation mounts and pads that limit the transmission of structure - borne vibration and impacts
  • They can be used in a wide range of applications including electronics equipment, engines and gensets, vehicle cab mounts, HVAC equipment and general industrial machinery
Elastomeric Mounts

Wire Rope Isolators
  • VMC offers a variety of wire rope isolators that resolve shock and vibration issues in industrial, aerospace and military applications
  • Wire rope isolation systems require no maintenance, use little space and keep functioning under varying temperatures and in corrosive environments
  • The isolators provide vibration and seismic energy management solutions for industrial, power generation, machinery, aerospace and military applications
  • They are available for a wide range of floor and base mounted equipment including fans, pumps, boilers, steam generators, air compressors, transformers, generators, MCC's and switchgear

Supplemental Bases
  • The VMC Group designs and manufactures a wide variety of concrete inertia bases, fan bases, roof curbs and rails that are used for mounting large equipment and machinery to floors or roofs
  • All products are specifically built to withstand seismic and high wind forces
Curbs and Bases
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